"We know our work impacts not just a buyer or seller, but a whole community—and we work to ensure that impact is a positive one."

Principal | Realty Collective


expert in real estate, sales, negotiations, marketing

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Realty Collective Founder Victoria (Hagman) Alexander is a key player in planning and historic preservation issues in across Brooklyn, as well as a community activist. Her work in real estate has introduced her to the individuals and institutions governing public life in New York City and she regularly leverages that access on behalf of the community.

Alexander is recognized for her commitment to growing community—not just making money. As a former carnival barker, club promoter, ‘zine founder and classic car restorer, Victoria did not seem destined to become a real estate broker. Coming into the business, she was acutely aware of the stereotypes associated with NYC real estate. Instead of sleazy agents, apathetic brokers, and money-hungry developers, Victoria envisioned a company that would combine empathy and advocacy to build meaningful relationships between clients and their communities.

Realty Collective is a people-driven real estate solution service founded in 2005 with the goal of guiding and supporting clients using honest and ethical practices—and ditching industry bad practices along the way. The brokerage was co-founded by a then-24-year-old Victoria Alexander who, after studying art history at Pace University, hit pause on plans to become a gallerist once she realized a jump into real estate meant she could design a career that combined all her interests—activism and deep love of Brooklyn—while rooted firmly in her values.