"My background is a unique combination of tech & digital skills and restaurant management experience. I've been in some tough situations in my management career and I feel I could relate my experience to help other small business owners. As a tech consultant and supervisor of a city-wide program with the Queens Chamber of Commerce, I've been able to sharpen up my technical knowledge and have had the opportunity to assist small business owners directly with their digital needs. Overall, I love to help others by talking through business problems and working together to find solutions."

Owner | Virtuelle Services


expert in web design, digital marketing

instagram // @virtuelleservices

I’m Michelle, and I’m here to help your business thrive online!

Like most of the workforce, I was laid off from my job at the start of the pandemic. Two weeks before that happened, I was absolutely loving my restaurant management career. I had just gotten a promotion and a raise, and was on a great track to continue growing within the company. All of that came crashing down once the virus took over.

After about a month of panicking, I re-centered myself and decided to take the knowledge and skills I have and help others who might be struggling. I started my business believing that there must be tons of small businesses out there who were feeling similar pressures of not knowing what to do next, unsure how they would pivot and adjust to “the new normal.”

I’ve racked up about 10 years of management experience and developed a keen eye for all things digital. As the person called upon the most to help out with the tech side of things over the years, I’ve handled all types of technology and digital platforms a small business should be working with. Recently, I was lucky enough to find a new full-time position on a city-wide business recovery team, helping owners get access to everything they need to open their doors again as our economy moves forward. But outside of the nine-to-five, I’m happily here for you as a web designer & digital strategist.

Whether you’re a startup, well-established, or somewhere in between, I can help get your business online and set up for success.