Yolanda Felder

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Can advise in Building a brand; Hiring, managing, & maintaining employees; Shifting the mindset from victim to victorious

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Meet Miss Yolanda, a mom, TV talk show host, keynote speaker, thought leader and certified life and business coach. One of her greatest accomplishments besides becoming a mom is discovering her gifts. As a successful owner of two daycare programs for over 18 years, she discovered that while inspiring the children, she also empowered the parents, staff and colleagues to live a life of purpose in abundance.

During her 10th year in the daycare business Yolanda had the desire to encourage and train individuals to become entrepreneurs. This desire gave birth to a prosperous business school. Yolanda not only trained in business skills but she also coached entrepreneurs to remove any limiting beliefs that were hindering their business growth and profits. To date, her company has successfully helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to open and operate profitable businesses. During her 25th year, Yolanda pivoted into TV broadcasting where she educates the mind, stirs the heart, and motivates the will to be successful.