Mary Nittolo

Founder & Creative Director, the STUDIO NYC

Works in Creative Production + Animation

Can advise in Building a brand; Communicating with stakeholders; Social responsibility; Marketing

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Mary Nittolo, Founder and Creative Director of the STUDIO was born in Brooklyn and has lived in NY most of her life. Her segue from street kid with a Brooklyn accent to a degree in Philosophy and Comparative Religions, to Founder and Creative Director is largely based on the Brooklynite’s penchant for self-invention.

She founded the STUDIO, a creative production and animation company, 32 years ago. Clients include media giants like Disney and Viacom, major brands, museums, artists and filmmakers, start-ups, non-profits, etc.

the STUDIO’s projects include feature films, Museum exhibitions, Time Square & Stadium takeovers, installations, data visualization, internal communications, advertising, social media content, and more.