Mark Connell

Owner, Botanica Bar

Works in Food & Beverage

Can advise in Hiring, Managing, and Maintaining employees; Raising Capital

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Having moved to New York City from Scotland in the mid-90s Connell started working as a busboy in a restaurant in the East Village where he quickly learned his way around the restaurant business. Connell knew he would need to work hard in order to move up in the business and that’s exactly what he did. Connell’s work as a busboy soon transitioned into bartending and then into management. In 2005 all the hard work paid off and Connell purchased his own bar.

Soon after opening his bar, Connell opened a well regarded café with his wife, a dance venue called Mr Sunday, Nowadays club, and finally a critically acclaimed restaurant called Estela. Connell finds joy from opening, operating and selling businesses and has learned many valuable lessons.