Maria Iglesias and Cynthia Shephard

Maria Iglesias = Owner & Cynthia Shephard = General Manager, Corazon de Mexico Restaurant & Bar

Works in Food & Beverage

Can advise in Growing a customer base; Partnerships; Negotiating contracts

Maria Iglesias also speaks Spanish,

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Maria Iglesias & Cynthia Shephard are a mother-and-daughter duo. They are business owners at both Corazon de Mexico Restaurant and Bar and La Adelita de Woodside. Iglesias and Shephard specialize in serving authentic Mexican Cuisine through full-service but with extra strength in Catering & Baking. Iglesias has more than 30 years of experience in the restaurant industry with multi-cultural cuisine. Shephard studied at Monroe College and majored in Hospitality Management while following in her mothers footsteps in both administrative and culinary experience. They champion women and minorities through organizations like FoodtoEat and The Floating Hospital and also work to support victims of domestic abuse.