Dawn Kelly

CEO, The Nourish Spot

Works in Food & Beverage

Can advise in Building a brand; Partnerships; Communicating with stakeholders; Marketing; Social responsibility

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Founder and CEO of The Nourish Spot, Inc., a healthy food and beverage haven located in Jamaica Queens. The Spot offers its Nourishers the ability to customize organic fruit and veggies into salads, smoothies, cold pressed juice blends, sandwich wraps, soup, and protein waffles, fruit cups, and bowls too. 

Before opening The Nourish Spot, Kelly served as a trusted, seasoned and courageous public relations and strategic communications adviser. Kelly enjoys a 30 year track record of developing and implementing large-scale innovative, integrated communications plans to build brand awareness for global businesses, non profits and for film festivals and other brands. Kelly is also well versed in leveraging multiple channel approach, including research, digital and social media, traditional print and broadcast communications to define, favorably position, and communicate value of thought leadership, brand, services, and solutions. She is a demonstrated exemplary manager of people, team leader and relationship builder.