Carmen Ferreyra

CEO, Porteñas

Works in Food & Beverage

Can advise in Building a brand; Hiring, managing, & maintaining employees; Securing capital

Carmen also speaks French, Spanish,

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Carmen's history is a classic. She immigrated to the US 20 years ago with only a few hundred dollars in her pocket and today, she’s an entrepreneur and art curator. In 2018, she co-founded Porteñas Yerba Mate, which is a women-owned business whose focus is to bring Argentina’s culture of friendship to the US through South America’s best-loved beverages, meals and treats. In 2015 Carmen founded the Curatorial Program for Research, a non-profit organization with offices in Brooklyn and Copenhagen. 

Carmen is an active member of the Immigrant, Hispanic and Queer community of North Brooklyn, and makes an effort to foster an inclusive environment at Porteñas. Since March 2020, Carmen lives in a constant pivot, making sure her business, professional and personal life, stay not just afloat, but thrive. Carmen has obtained 8 grants: NYC Employee Retention Grant, US Small Business Chamber, Red Backpack Fund by Sara Blakely, Ureeka & Facebook Grant, IFundWomen, Barclays, DoorDash, and the Ureeka & Google PowerUp Hispanics in Philanthropy. In the midst of the pandemic, Porteñas served healthcare workers, changed operations to serve curbside, opened a second store, and now sells their products to 10 cafes in New York and Virginia. Since March, Carmen co-hosts Project 2.8, the first accelerator for female founders at Columbia Venture Community."