Aysha Saeed

CEO, Creative Director, Aysha New York

Works in Fashion

Can advise in Building a brand; Growing your customer base; Marketing

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Aysha Saeed is the CEO and Creative Director of AYSHA NY, an ethical fashion label aimed at connecting fearless women through community initiatives. Before launching her brand, Aysha started out on a very different professional path--the world of finance in NYC. While she did well in that sector, she realized she was missing something in her life...something that brought her joy. All things fashion brought her joy since she was a little girl growing up in Lahore, Pakistan.

At a very young age, Aysha learned fashion can be a source of confidence and can allow one to create and control perception. During her time in the NYC financial sector, Aysha continued to utilize fashion to stand out and create a personal brand…at a time when terms like “personal brand” did not even exist. On a leap of faith, she walked away from her job and moved to Europe to gain on-the-job experience in the fashion industry. Her tenacity and perseverance enabled her to launch a fabric consultancy business that was hired by luxury houses, such as Dior and Dolce & Gabbana.

Today Aysha projects these lessons outward in her namesake brand, AYSHA NY, a fashion lifestyle brand that is built on empowering ambitious, successful women to feel good in what they wear. As part of her ethical and sustainable practices, every piece she designs is made in the heart of the NYC garment center by local artisans and factories.