"I have been a entrepreneur since I was 12 years old. I did exactly what people said growing up, go to to school and graduate from High school then college. Make sure to get good grades. I then used all my education to make myself into more of the the entrepreneur I am today. I can pass along my story and slice of my experiences throughout this ongoing journey."

Owner | IV Purpose


expert in hospitality, restaurant operations, sports bar event programming

instagram // @ivpurpose_bk

After 15 years of property management and ownership, Darnell has learned to incorporate his Security and Risk Analysis degree from Penn State to hone that craft. Darnell has learned to pay close attention to modern technology and practical uses of new applications that will save time & money. Information is key to any successful business and Darnell tries to stay apprised of current events that affect his business holdings.


He has expanded his business to multiple states while fine tuning each to maximize their potential growth. He has worked in all faucets of the business from administrative backend to designing & renovating apartments and commercials spaces.