"As a career changer, I've scaled Ovenly from the ground up and taught myself everything there is to know about business. I have experience in all aspects of growing a business successfully, from financial planning and strategy to sales, marketing, and company culture with focus on social imact and radical responsiblity."

CEO & Co-Founder | Ovenly


expert in wholesale, e-commerce, large-scale food and beverage operations

instagram // @ovenly

Agatha Kulaga is cofounder, CEO, and former COO , and board member. At Ovenly, she sets product innovation and growth strategy, oversees overall operations and real estate expansion, creates corporate systems, and drives impact strategies. A lifelong baker turned entrepreneur, with a background in psychiatry research and hospitality, Agatha firmly believes in the power of business for social change. She has led and successfully grown Ovenly’s retail, wholesale , and ecommerce growth on a local and national level, while promoting progressive business practices. It’s no surprise she’s been recognized as one of New York’s most “badass” leaders in food by Zagat and as one of the Cherry Bombe 100. Kulaga is an author and avid speaker for ethical entrepreneurship, mentor, consultant, and advisory member for Women in Hospitality United and The Center for Employment Opportunities.